For School Signs:

If you are a part of an educational institution and are inquiring about a new School Sign, or an upgrade to an existing School Sign, please contact Quiel School Signs at 833-QS-SIGNS.  You can count on the team at Quiel School Signs to continue delivering the same high-quality products and services that have become synonymous with the Quiel Brand.

We look forward to hearing from you.

(833) 777-4467

For all other signage inquires:

If you have a request for new or existing signage services, we are providing contact information to one of our former top sales people, Sheri Stahlheber, who has been in the signage industry for over 23 years and has been placed with Young Electric Sign Company.

Please feel free to contact Sheri Stahlheber at the email or phone number listed below:

Sheri Stahlheber – Sales Associate
Young Electric Sign Company
(951) 660-3581 Cell

The Quiel Brothers:

Larry Quiel

Gary Quiel

Jerry Quiel