When the Old Meets New

You might be thinking that billboards are old news—and you’re right, kind of. Billboard signage works for a reason: they’re big, bright, and attract large amounts of potential customers at one time. To keep up with the age, Quiel Signs has designed our highly effective digital billboards to attract large amounts of consumers to your business. Unlike your regular, run-of-the-mill billboard, our digital boards offer a full color display that can be changed easily and frequently.

Your digital billboard sign:

  • Grabs the attention of potential customers
  • Can be read easily, day or night
  • Is able to be changed with just the touch of a button

Old, print billboards are so last year. Now, with our digital billboard signs, you can advertise more deals and information, generating interest in your business more quickly. A great marketing solution for retailers, restaurants, and shopping centers, your digital billboard will work tirelessly to attract customers to your business.

Incredibly dynamic with beautiful design, digital billboard signs are the next big step in advertising. Keep up with the times and make the jump on a sign that will give you the reaction you so desire from your investment.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email and set up your appointment for your own digital billboard with one of our professional sign developers, now!

large LED billboard illuminated with Quiel Logo

Mojave Water Agency – Sign Testimonial

“On behalf of the Mojave Water Agency, thank you for contributing to the success of our second Annual High Desert Water Conference. The signs looked great and were very effective this year, especially the Restrooms sign.”

Jo McAndrews – Special Projects Coordinator