Let Us Make You Over

Often more cost effective than a complete sign replacement project, our retrofit sign options are an excellent solution for those with existing signs. If your current sign is looking a little rough around the edges and could use a facelift, then we’re the right people for the job. Using up-to-date technology and more dynamic parts, we will enhance your current sign using LED retrofitting. Environmentally friendly and lower in cost, LED lights use just 12 volts and provide an estimated energy savings of 75%.

LED retrofit signs:

  • Are more pleasing to the eye
  • Energy efficient and friendly to the environment
  • Have lower long term costs than competing signage options

Our professional installation team will work quickly to replace your existing interior lighting with your new LED display lights. With affordable up-front costs and a life span of 100,000 hours, your total savings on energy and maintenance will be exponential over the course of your sign’s lifetime. When you’re looking to save money and cut back on maintenance, then our retrofit signs are the best solution for you.

As always, we offer the best in high quality customer assistance. We’ll work with you to decide on the best solution for your sign, and never push you into a replacement when you don’t need one.

We like to think that we’re just as much in the makeover biz’ as we are the new sign one. Call us today and let us take a look at your existing sign to see if we can’t get you retrofitted with something better.

Let us make you over, today!

old outdated retail sign for barstow mall
large custom blue and white retail sign for Barstow Mall

Mojave Water Agency – Sign Testimonial

“On behalf of the Mojave Water Agency, thank you for contributing to the success of our second Annual High Desert Water Conference. The signs looked great and were very effective this year, especially the Restrooms sign.”

Jo McAndrews – Special Projects Coordinator